Tanks - alot †are currently swapping cars for tanks If you have a Tank or military vehicle your bored
with or just not getting enough use out of and fancy a Bentley GT continental ,or †Rolls Royce,
a jaguar five litre V8 XK, maybe a 1964 mustang V8 or even a 59 Cadillac coup de ville
send an e mail with what you have and what you would like. Take a look on the VIP car crush death list and save a classic. Tanks-alot are particularly
looking for armoured vehicles ferrets, 432, abbots,chieftains. especially Russian T72 or more modern would be great.

It's now possible to upgrade the car you want to crush to make you're experience even more memorable † Rolls royce's Bentleys and classic †Aston Martins are available for crushing right now with various surcharges.

VIP Experience 1:

Exclusive VIP crush Rolls Royce silver cloud 35,000 miles keep the squashed grill and gold mascot as a memento,with private no plate included includes full valet beforehand.

SURCHARGE - £:7,000
VIP Experience 2:

Exclusive VIP crush Aston Martin Virage manual one of only 50 ever made be a legend

SURCHARGE - £:38,000
VIP Experience 3:

Exclusive VIP crush tomorrow's classic xjs convertible gas conversion V12 fingers crossed it could explode chieftain main battle tank or combat engineer tractor option.

SURCHARGE - £:5,000
VIP Experience 4:

Exclusive VIP crush v8 jaguar low mileage

SURCHARGE - £:1,800
VIP Experience 5:

Exclusive VIP crush mini minter,crush surcharge relive the Italian job

SURCHARGE - £:5,000
VIP Experience 6:

Exclusive VIP crush TR7 ex Stondon motor museum display 37,000 miles rare auto

SURCHARGE - £:2,000
VIP Experience 7:

Exclusive VIP crush 66 mustang convertible riding on air suspension,should make a Big Bang .†

SURCHARGE - £:18,000
VIP Experience 8:

Exclusive VIP crush Rover p5b custom 4.2 engine Jensen limited slip diff back axle receipts for over £30,000 bargain crush price

SURCHARGE - £:12,000
VIP Experience 9:

Exclusive VIP crush Aston Martin V8 manual

SURCHARGE - £:55,000
VIP Experience 10:

Exclusive VIP crush Jaguar XK 150 5 litre

SURCHARGE - £:30,000
VIP Experience 11:

Exclusive VIP crush 66 mustang arrives in UK 22 July available for crushing any time after

SURCHARGE - £:17,000
VIP Experience 12:

VIP exclusive crush Bentley GTContinental †w12 6 litre

SURCHARGE - £:25,000
VIP Experience 13:

Pontiac Grand Prix ex Billy Gibbons ZZ top

SURCHARGE - £:14,000
VIP Experience 14:

59 Cadillac on air should make a great popping sound

SURCHARGE - £:50,000
VIP Experience 15:

Rolls Royce Silverspur was this lady Penelopes

SURCHARGE - £:12,000
VIP Experience 16:

Cadillac Eldorado made famous by Elvis and Boss Hogg.

SURCHARGE - £:10,000
VIP Experience 17:

Jaguar mk 2 Coombs †racing recreation 4.2, sports suspension total nut and bolt rebuild. Full Connelly leather re trim and perfect walnut a memorable crush present for a classic jaguar enthusiast

SURCHARGE - £:37,000
VIP Experience 18:

1300 classic Mini Cooper, walnut dash

SURCHARGE - £:4,000
VIP Experience 19:

Aston Martin Virage V8 auto

SURCHARGE - £:48,000
VIP Experience 20:

Renault clio 1300 diesel estate

SURCHARGE - £:2,000
VIP Experience 21:

1959 Cadillac coup de ville V8 7.2 litre

SURCHARGE - £:23,000
VIP Experience 22:

Hummer H1

SURCHARGE - £:51,000
VIP Experience 23:

Daimler 420 G

SURCHARGE - £:11,000


Standard Crush a Car Package - view details here

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