Harry and Ollie's 10th birthday

For Harry and Ollie's 10th birthday they wanted a party and not just any party ,a Tank party with all their friends .

A lot of people would expect ten is a little young to be roaring a tank around and flopping  through water splashes 5 foot deep. Well I guess it all depends on skill of the driver.

Luckily for Crazy Camo and myself  these lads were smarter than the average bear and we managed not to get drowned in mud. Everyone had a ride on the big Russian grozdilkas  as well, and managed to hang on over the bumps, even mum Who looked very comfortable in the turret.

Should have mentioned they were road legal and excellent for Christmas shopping. The lads also had radio controlled boat shooting which was a scream. This was done with a little help from their friends in ranks of nine with our powerful new guns every one shot well some extremely well  but despite the boat being hit dozens of times and resembling a colander it actually survived  albeit covered in gaffer tape patches below the water line. The armoury  lecture was well received especially the rocket propelled grenade launcher.

We ended up in the eating shed for tea which mum had cleverly whisked up as if by magic, as only a mum can. Great sausages and a rather posh Tank cake which myself and scott the parrot was lucky enough to have a whopping big slice of.

Well done lads, great driving ,I forwarded all your details to MR Cameron PM on his request and I guess you should expect your call up paper’s in about 6 years. If you need a refresher course before then you know where we are.

Nick and Camo.

PS anyone needing a Tank cake talk to Vanessa who’s working on a Radio controlled tank cake next?????????????? whatever next, Tank cake shooting.

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Kids Tank Driving Day Kids Tank Driving Day Kids Tank Driving Day Kids Tank Driving Day Kids Tank Driving Day Kids Tank Driving Day Kids Tank Driving Day Kids Tank Driving Day Kids Tank Driving Day Kids Tank Driving Day


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